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Has anyone ever tried to convince you that  Jesus Christ  didn't actually die at His crucifixion?
Or that even if He did by chance die,
that He could not possibly have    come back to life from the dead?
We invite YOU to discover   Jesus Christ,    Saviour of Human Beings,
            Forgiver of sins,    King of Glory:
    Risen from the dead!
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1 - Whose Son Is He?

"What think ye of Christ? whose son is he?
They say unto him, The Son of David."
(Matthew 22:42)

During one of the times the Pharisees were gathered together to criticize Christ, He asked them this soul-stirring question about what they thought of Christ and specifically whose son they thought that Christ was. These are vital questions.

If we do not answer these questions right, we are in danger of eternal hell fire. What we think of Christ determines our eternal destiny. The answer to the question "Whose son is he?" is threefold. Christ is the Son of David, the Son of man, and the Son of God.

Son of David. The Pharisees responded here by saying that Christ was the "Son of David." Their problem was that they did not believe the person standing in front of them was Christ. The term Son of David means the Christ is of the lineage of David and therefore the rightful heir to the throne.

Jesus Christ will one day rule from the throne of David in the millennium. When the Jews stop rejecting Jesus Christ and accept Him, Israel will then be the greatest nation on the earth and Christ will be their Messiah and King.

Son of man. Christ asked His disciples earlier, "Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?" The Son of man is a term that speaks of the humanity of Christ.

Christ had to be a man if He was going to die in our place for our sins. He could not be our substitute unless He was one of us. This makes Jesus the promised "seed" of Adam who would crush the serpent's (Satan's) head (Genesis 3:15) in the ultimate victory over evil.

Son of God. Jesus Christ is also the Son of God. When the angel announced to Mary the coming of Christ, the angel said the child would be called "the Son of God" (Luke 1:35). This means that Jesus is God. This declares the deity of Christ.

His deity has been challenged in every age, but the Bible makes it clear that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God, the One who is God manifested in the flesh. And how that demonstrates God's great love for man, for God sent His own Son to die for our sins. There is no equal of greater love.

from John Butler's Daily Bible Reading Sermonettes 3

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